QFIL Solutions raises US $1 million in pre-seed investment

QFIL Solutions raises US $1 million in pre-seed investment

Major cash injection for innovative new Fin-Tech provider specialising in AI-driven
Fin-Tech solutions tailored to millennial and GenZ traders

XX March 2022, Dubai, UAE: QFIL Solutions – a premium Fin-Tech provider specialised in AI-driven Fin-Tech solutions – has raised US $1 million in pre-seed investment, the company announced today.

QFIL Solutions’ leading-edge AI engines, apps, and web platforms built on proprietary technology help investors, institutions, and retailers to maximise gains while minimising risks. The company is particularly focused on the new breed of savvy millennial and GenZ investors– helping them manage their trading (Forex, stocks, and crypto) and see more wins and less losses.

A soft product launch begins with the ground-breaking Magus AI, the ultimate trading compass which is 80% accurate and features AI driven real-time market signals, requires no human intervention, employs historic machine learning and sophisticated AI formulas – offering a top level financial advisory service for traders.

Commenting on the outside investment of $1 million, Hani AlAita, Co-Founder and CEO of QFIL Solutions said: “Funding will be used to finalise the development and proof of concept before we soft launch in four key markets – the UAE, Singapore, Nigeria, and South Africa. As QFIL closes in on the second round of funding, we will be looking at other market expansions and continuing to develop our pipeline of products.”

He added: “The landscape of trading is changing. Today’s younger traders have a very different approach. Our vision at QFIL Solutions is to provide them with breakthrough AI driven products tailored to their ambition, while helping them reduce their risks and maximise their gains on their journey for expedited wealth creation.”

A spokesperson for the investor, a leading financial technology investment company commented: “We were looking for disruptive players, ones that understood the hybrid reality of trading platforms and currencies, with technology and AI as a driver for a different level of outcomes. QFIL Solutions stood out with their vision and pipeline of products that could not only benefit traders directly but other platforms alike.”

Consumer-centric solutions that fit the digital social world of millennials are far removed from typical banking and technology. Millennials are technologically savvy and ambitious and willing to take risks. They also need a product which can give them instant results or real-time market signals and one which is reliable, secure, and accurate. This is where Magus AI comes in.

Introducing Magus AI…

QFIL Solutions’ aim has always been to simplify trading, while creating a tool that made a difference and added value that clients can reflect on their accounts.

Traders do not want to spend hours reviewing news, technical analysis, technical indicators, or analysing tools to create a self-conclusion. Magus AI was created to do all of this on a trader’s behalf.

Magus AI is not like any other tool in the market. The result of years of research & development, thanks to its trading background QFIL Solutions has created a product that is easy to use and easy to understand.

A good reading of the market is always a way to make extra cash. Being a step ahead allows traders to have this edge.

About QFIL Solutions

Established in April 2021, QFIL Solutions is a premium FinTech provider specialised in AI-driven FinTech solutions. Capitalising on over six years of machine learning, QFIL Solutions’ cutting-edge AI engines, apps, and web platforms built on proprietary technology help investors, institutions, and retail traders to maximise gains while minimising risks. The company’s core team comprises AI technology, cloud/blockchain innovators, financial and go-to-market experts – all helping QFIL combine the world of Forex, stocks, credit, risk management, and trading with breakthroughs in tech innovations.

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