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At QFIL, we’re passionate about building new innovative AI driven Fin-Tech solutions that will disrupt the industry, while maximizing Gains and minimizing Risks.

About Us

QFIL Solutions is a Premium Fin-Tech Provider specialized in AI-driven Fin-Tech solutions. Capitalizing on over 6 years of Machine learning, QFIL Solutions cutting edge AI engines, Apps, and web platforms built on proprietary technology help investors, institutions, and retailers to maximize gains while minimizing risks. Our core team comprises AI technology, cloud / block chain innovators, financial and go-to-market experts – helping us combine the world of forex, stocks, credit, risk management, and trading with breakthroughs in tech innovations.

Our Innovative Technology

We’ve researched and authorized a series of technology Products designed to give investors an edge in competitive markets to maximise returns while offering powerful downside protection.


Ultimate Trading Compass

The subscription-based Magus AI solution offers market-leading insight and analysis to assist investors in executing real-time smart forex trades.

The AI engine takes into account historical data as well as external variables to predict market movements with a world beating 80% accuracy rate.

The solution is advisory only, and does not initiate or execute trades on behalf of investors. Rather, it supplies investors with the tactical views and analysis they need to back up their intuition.

The Magus AI engine is currently delivering results across nine currencies plus gold, and is available as a web-based portal, plugin for the Meta Trader platform and mobile.

Sequence Trading

A 20 Level Win Multipler Platform

QFIL’s innovative low-risk investment product relies on the exponential returns generated by a sequence of successful trades to increase earnings.

Investors enter a sequence of 20 trades with a low base capital.
A trade is triggered by a 20-pip movement in either direction, with a successful prediction continuing the trading sequence.
Stringing together successful trades amplifies returns exponentially.

The product is carefully regulated, and conforms to all local and international regulations. The QFIL Sequence Trading product is available via web platform, and as a smartphone app.

“ Ignoring technological change in a financial system based upon technology is like a mouse starving to death because someone moved their cheese ”

Chris Skinner

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